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Silent Night, Hallow'd Night. Words: Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht!, Rev. Joseph Mohr, Translator Unknown. Music: "Himmelsau" from Trier Gesangbuch.
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Climb the stairs Blast from the past Social Twitter Facebook. Although this page remained available on at least one archive site, without the music files, it was just a sad reminder of what we had lost.

Hymn: Silent night hallowed night (FL)

In my efforts to restore George's site, I was faced with the decision of trying to replace George's recordings with similar recordings other folks had made, or deleting this page altogether. Vintage Christmas Recordings:. Blessed Day!

Recorded in Hail, Hail, Day of Days! Recorded in Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! If you want to hear the version here. If you want to hear the version we had posted for a while, click here. Both recordings are credited are the Robert Gaylor version, but pops are in different places so I've kept them both online in case someone wants to try to restore the recording.

We also have another recording of the same title here in cae you're interested in totally restoring the recording. Slumber in heav'nly repose, Slumber in heav'nly repose. Silent Night, hallowed night.

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Shepherds tell thy delight. Tidings borne by the angel band Far and wide ring thro' the land Jesus our Savior is born, Jesus our savior is born! The Music Click on each title to play. Bells of Christmas Recorded in Minuit, Chretiens Oh, Holy Night!

Silent night, hallowed night, silence now on the plain

Christ is Come Recorded in Christmas, Christmas! Recorded in God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen!

Hail, Hail, Day of Days! Joy to the World Recorded in The First No?